The Restaurant

Created from an old private cellar, the “Osteria” is a typical italian tavern at the Cinqueterre that relaunches with simple and tasty menus all the tradition of Ligurian cuisine.
This is a gallery of our restaurant, it’s a little cozy place in the heart of the village, is the “right place” around the corner.
I’m absolutely proud of my place, i think i grown a little jewel between the sunny alleys of the village.

Our Specialties


This plate combines the flavours of the sea and of the earth mixing the freshness and lightness of the calamaro with the assertive taste of the mortadella and parmesan.


A selection of aged and semi-mature cheeses of cow, savory sheep and goat cheeses and caciotta from Lunigiana, tasty and genuine that confirms the extraordinary richness of products of this territory.


Straw-colored, diuretic, anti-rheumatic, disinfectant, it goes very well with cheeses of intense flavour with medium seasoning. Is not filtered and therefore contains percentages of pollen, royal jelly and propolis.


In our restaurant we prepare the true traditional Genoese pesto with DOP basil, parmesan, garlic, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. Pesto is a mouthful of bright summer!


The walnut sauce is a classic recipe of the Ligurian cuisine used above all to season the traditional ricotta and spinach pansoti; it’s a sauce made with walnuts, milk, bread, pine nuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


The “tocco de funzi” is a typical Ligurian mushroom sauce, ideal for seasoning meat ravioli. In addition to porcini mushrooms, an essential ingredient of this recipe is an excellent extra virgin olive oil and a fragrant thyme.


Taste the special oily-fish variety produced in Italy’s famous Cinque Terre: they have a firmer flesh, a unique sweetness and they are able to satisfy the palates with a penchant for marine flavours.

Luca Rizzetto

Master Chef

I’m Luca, an architect with the passion for cooking.
Since i was a kid, I helped my grandmother when she prepared the daily meal for my family and the special recipes for the festivities.
Later on I tried to catch all the secrets from my mother’s cuisine and after different working experiences now I’m the owner and the chef of Osteria Maitè where i offer to my guests the real traditional food of the region and the knowledge for the best Pesto and Cooking Xperience in the village.

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